Flight Certificate

Download a FREE Flight Certificate here!

Okay, you thought of a great gift idea for someone special, a fantastic hot air balloon ride, and you came to the right place. However…. you’re not certain that this gift will be truly appreciated, or you need to be able to present this gift “immediately if not sooner”! Your troubles are over. Simply *Click Here*, and print the resulting Adobe Acrobat .pdf file. Check off either the morning or evening flight, and present it. Then, after you are thanked profusely for your thoughtfulness, call us at THE BALLOON DEPOT with a credit card handy (or send a check; whichever is easiest), and we’ll give you the following information, necessary to make reservations: a certificate number, and the use-by date (end of the purchase month, the following year). Once you write those numbers down on the certificate in the blanks provided, it becomes valid, just like an airline ticket! Of course, we still accept reservations over the phone with a credit card to confirm and no payment necessary until you fly, but this lets you present something tangible now, while enjoying the flight later!


Of course, if you know that this gift will be well appreciated you can simply go to our Rates page and purchase the certificate online, and we’ll take care of everything from there.