Tulip Flights

tulip1Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

During the month of April we take our balloons to the Skagit Valley for the famous Tulip Festival held there. The tulip fields are so bright that it looks like they’re plugged in! Just call us at (877) 881-9699, or (360) 805-1538, and make your reservations. Assuming the weather cooperates, we’ll meet you near the historic town of LaConner, and drive to the best launch site for the conditions, with the goal of flying over the best of the tulip fields.

The scenery in this valley is fabulous, even without the tulips. We are close to both Puget Sound and Mt. Baker here.

The flights here include the traditional postflight toast and party, and the per-person rate is $250.00— mornings only, seven days a week.


These exclusive flights are offered only when the tulips are up, typically during the month of April; and the weather being what it is that time of year, we ask you to bring your patience with you when you schedule, and prepare to reschedule if necessary. However, there are very few other places to fly that are this incredible…

DRIVING DIRECTIONS—From I-5, head east on Hwy 20 toward Anacortes. Turn left at the Hwy 20/laCaonner Whitney Road intersection and pull into the Farmhouse Restaraunt parking lot where you’ll see our Balloon Depot chase van and balloon trailer.